Bloganuary Day 2: Road Trip!

Yes, I’m actually doing a second blog post!

Today’s Bloganuary prompt: What is a road trip you would love to take?

Funny enough: this isn’t just a mental exercise. My work offers a paid three-month sabbatical that I’ll be taking at the end of this year, and a road trip may be part of it!

Options for this trip are below, all of which are in the realm of possible, depending on what we decide to do when the time arrives.

European Vacation

I’ve lived in Europe a few times, and would love to go back. As a military retiree, I get free Space-Available travel on military airlift. There are regular flights from Dover AFB, Del., to various points in Europe, so why not just take a “hop” (as we call a “Space-A” flight), get a Eurail pass, and travel!

Latin American/South American Vacation

My spouse has never been to Europe, but neither of us have ever been to South America! We’ve thought it’d be cool to visit Mayan, Aztec, and Incan ruins, as well as just see what there is to see there. We really got inspired by Ewan McGregor’s and Charley Boorman’s trip through South and Central America on electric motorcycles (I really should finish watching that!). Not that we’d do exactly that, but it’d be great to go on a similar journey.

Be a Nomad

OK, this is more me than the spouse, but I’d love to just hook up a trailer to the Jeep and take off cross country, seeing where the road takes us.

Of course, I could end up doing small versions of any or all of these, but either way, it’s great to dream!

4 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 2: Road Trip!

  1. Right before the pandemic hit, I backpacked in Europe for 3 months. Starting in Spain (Barcelona) – Andorra – South of France, then north of Italy and down to Naples. All by Bus/Train. 41 cities in 3 months. It was awesome. You should definitively do it. I’m planning to do a Canadian East Coast that I was gonna do last year but then things got crazy again. 😦

    Also, happy you are doing thee Bloganuary. I have been posting every day so far but no idea how long this is gonna last hahaha


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