A Time to Blog

I’ve been helping build WordPress sites for years, and working for WordPress.com for months, so maybe it’s about to time to start blogging again!

I’ve had this name (Queer Derby Taco) for a while because it really describes the key parts of my life. I’m queer, I love roller derby, and…well…tacos. Tacos are so varied: soft, crunchy, small, large, Mexican, Tex-Mex, and so much variety. I’m pretty eclectic, doing and learning stuff every day. So….here it is!

Hopefully I’ll keep it up this time 🙂

One thought on “A Time to Blog

  1. “Hopefully I’ll keep it up this time 🙂 ”

    Well, getting it up is half the battle. 😉

    And you know as well as I do it takes time to build an audience. So keep going and providing good content, and the readers will discover it.


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